Thanks so much for facilitating our Simply Business away day on Friday. One of the best sessions I have attended in a long time and very productive with lots of energy carrying on into this week. 

Martin Sadle, Head of Engineering, Simply Business


Gabi worked with me and my team, taking us through a great day where we all agreed our team goals and the way we would work together to achieve them. Gabi spent time with us to really understand our business and its culture. She delivered a great day and positive results have followed.

Stuart Goodinson, MD, DeLacy Executive 

Gabi was a pleasure to work with. She is an awesome communicator and relationship builder and is brilliant at delivery. She has the ability to light up a room, have those much needed 'brave conversations' and engages people with ease! She can work at any level in an organisation and can multi-task, handling many different things at once. I look forward to a continued relationship with Gabi and hope to work with her again in the future.

Kara Ayley, Change Leader and Leadership Coach


Shine recently came to LBG and delivered a bite size session on Why Mindset Matters to a group of around 60 people. In just over an hour she took us through a combination of the science, benefits and practical steps we can all take to change our behaviours with a really good balance of both theory and practice. Gabi filled the room with positivity, enthusiasm, humour and gave people the feeling they really could make a change. The feedback I received following the session was fantastic - everyone who provided feedback said they would recommend both Gabi and the session and 100% of attendees said they were going to make a change. We run a lot of these events and Gabi stands out as running a really valuable session in a way people could really connect with. 

Eve Wesson, Delivery Assurance Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

I've worked with Gabi on numerous projects for almost 5 years. I can honestly say there hasn't been a time when Gabi doesn't manage to bring bundles of energy into the room. Her energy enables her to build great relationships with people and as a result be able to ask the questions and make the challenges that drive progress in a team. As well as creating a buzz in the room and plenty of laughter Gabi also brings with her a wealth of experience and determination to ensure that every team, every individual has the chance to bring out their potential a little bit more as a result

Caroline Hampson, Leadership Coach

I love working with Gabi and have done so for several years now. She brings energy, passion and focus into everything she does. She's highly intuitive to other people's needs, brilliant at building relationships and balancing high support / high challenge to help others achieve their best. Gabi has a wealth of experience, from front line team members, to exec teams (including working internationally and virtually in highly matrixed teams). Oh, and she makes me laugh!
Samantha Eddleston, Chartered Business Psychologist 

"We have used Gabi and Shine to really help us develop our internal learning capability. Gabi has been working with the development management team to encourage and explore different methods and solutions in their approach to delivering great outcomes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gabi and Shine and hope to work with her again as we enter our next phase of change. Gabi is a very talented leader and has an infectious and engaging delivery style. Not many people have the unique ability to engage and light up any room they enter ... but Gabi can!

Kerry Goodman,  Group HR Director, Brightside

"Your collaboration session at our conference went down in the annuals of LinkAge time.

It was powerful ” 

Jo Stokes, CEO, LinkAge Network

"These two days have truly been awesome! I can't believe how much the team has grown. Today's people session was probably the best people review I have been part of in my retail career to date. Your set-up this morning was just perfect and set the standard to which we could truly challenge ourselves

Gabi, You are a great facilitator!”

Ops Director, UK Retail Company

"Highly recommend Gabi and her company to those seeking individual executive coaching or team leadership development. She has a warmth and realism that makes her eminently approachable whilst at the same time a powerful ability to reach profound truths that enable understanding, enlightenment and action. Always enjoyable to work with"

Anna Rusted Smallwood, Director of Operations at TUI 

“The day exceeded my expectations as well as the team's.  You nailed the brief perfectly. ” 

Jenny Pearce, HR Manager, Wellsway Academy

 'Yesterday was brilliant,

Gabi did a great job and the whole team gave really good feedback on the morning...

It was really valuable for us as a team’.

UK Sports Coach

"Gabi is an outstanding executive coach - empowering, insightful and objective. She is a great thought value who added a lot of value to both my professional and (indirectly) personal lives. I cannot recommend her highly enough"

Peter Lewin, Senior Director of Strategy, Digitilisation and Insights, Levi Strauss & Co

"I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend Gabi as a leader and a coach.

She has an infectious energy and and enthusiasm and a supreme ability to cut to the chase

when solving problems......but doesn't make it about her, she makes it about you.

She helps you realise your goals and ambitions by helping you

to see what you are capable of"

Angela Hall Meza, HRBP, University of the West of England

"In the goals setting exercise I decided to set myself a same day one:

Helping someone in need i.e buying something to eat for one of Bristol's many homeless 

people on my way home or stopping for a chat with the Big Issue seller while buying a copy" 

Breakthrough Event Participant on Mindset Matters, Lloyds Banking Group